The PRO1 is our largest and premier product. The aluminum frame, standing at 7.5 feet tall and 18 feet wide, provides a target area of 135 square feet and offers the largest variations of deflections.

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The PRO1-STA is one of our two premier products. 

  • With an aluminium frame, standing at 7.5 feet tall by 18 feet wide it provides a target area of 135 square feet.
  • Weighing just 25kg it is an easy two man job to reposition the PRO-1 during your sessions. 
  • Initial assembly time is in the region of 30 mins. Once all the components are in place the set up is the simple task of assembling the frame which takes no longer then 10 mins. 

Component Parts:

  • Aluminium Frame. 
  • Interchangeable feet for hard & soft grass.
  • Main deflection net.
  • 2 variable position ropes (VAPOR) can be attached to increase the probability of deflections.
  • 1 STA-PRO, a single line of deflection pods that attaches to the bottom of the main net and deflect the ball up from the ground. The STA can also be used independently.
  • Storage / carry bag measures 170cm long X 40cm wide

Optional Extras 

  • Support weights. if you intend to use the frame on artificial surfaces we recommend you use our support weights. The weights slide inside the feet to provide a solid base for safe use. 
  • Full block curtains. A maximum of 3 curtain can be used on the PRO-1 at any one time. These full block curtains are placed on the goal side of the net to replicate bodies in front of the goalkeeper. Being goal side means if the ball strikes them it will drop between the PRO-1 and the goal recreating ‘half blocked’ shot that may require the goalkeeper to advance. 
  • Partial Block Curtains. These curtains allow the goalkeeper to see through little gaps and pick up some visual clues as they would when confronted by bodies. The curtains also allow balls to pass through them and continue towards goal again recreating shots through bodies. 

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