What is ProDeflect

ProDeflect products deflect footballs. A variety of material and designs create a multitude of realistic deflections to alter the trajectory, angle, pace and spin of the ball for unrivaled reaction training.

Why Use ProDeflect

ProDeflect products are built to cater for the demands of professional goalkeeper training.
All the equipment can be positioned anywhere in relation to the server of goalkeeper and will withstand any type of service and power
Nets are able to be moved easily, enabling versatility and variety during sessions.

All products can be stored away and moved from venue to venue with ease.

Who is James Hollman

James has been involved in professional football at the top end of the game for over twenty years. As a goalkeeping coach, he has worked for Ipswich Town, Norwich City, Cardiff City and Motherwell FC. During that time he has worked in the Premier League and with goalkeepers such as Asmir Begovic, David Marshall, Tom Heaton and Rob Green.
James has used his knowledge and experience of professional goalkeeping to produce ProDeflect’s range of highly effective products.

“The best piece of goalkeeper training kit out there, the first time i have been able to realistically train for dealing with deflections” David Marshall Hull City & Scotland Goalkeeper
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The PRO-1x is our largest and premier product. The aluminum frame, standing at 7.5 feet tall and 18 feet wide, provides a target area of 135 square feet and offers the largest variations of deflections.

Component Parts:

  • Interchangeable feet and support weights for hard, soft and artificial surfaces
  • Main deflection net
  • 3 variable position ropes (VAPOR) can be attached to increase the probability of deflections
  • Surface to air (STA) is a single line of deflection pods that deflect the ball up from the ground
  • The STA can be used independently
  • Three sight shields that can be added to create a blindspot
  • Three Reactions curtains which partially block vision but allow the ball pass through them
  • The kit is stored in a bag which measures 170cm long X 40cm wide
  • Setup time : under ten minutes
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“Add a new dimension to training, infinite number of realistic deflections, brilliant training and very enjoyable” – John Ruddy Norwich City & England Goalkeeper


Smaller but equally as tough, the PRO2 offers a target area of 50 square feet and an infinite amount of deflections.

Component Parts

  • 10 feet X 5 feet frame
  • Main deflection net
  • 1 variable position (VAPOR) rope
  • Pro 2 Surface to air (STA)
  • Supplied with a single sight shield which is added to create a solid barrier for the ball to travel under, over or around
  • 2 x Reaction curtains that partially block vision but allow the ball to pass through them.
  • For ease of transport the kit can be stored in a bag which measures 140cm long X 35 cm wide
  • Setup time: under five minutes
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“Great for reaction training, a fantastic range of products that make training challenging and that will improve you” – Tom Heaton Burnley & England Goalkeeper

STA Matrix

The STA (Surface to Air) Matrix is our elite ground level product. A front line of deflection pods deflect the ball up from the surface of varying angles whilst a matrix of deflection pods behind it deflects dipping shots with changes of angle, pace and spin

Supplied with fixing pegs and snap hooks, this net can be secure on grass or to a fixed weight or object when an artificial surfaces,

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The STA (surface to Air) is our entry level product measuring six metres long with 25 multi sized deflection pods and deflects shots up from the surface at various angles.
To add variety to your deflection training this product can be set up at multiple angles.

I use the orginal ProDeflect product at Swansea City, nothing other to say then simply brilliant, a must for all goalkeepers and coaches” – Tony RobertsSwansea City & Wale National team goalkeeping coach