‘ProDeflect produce the best goalkeeper training kit out there, the first time I have been able to realistically train for dealing with deflections’ – David Marshall, Hull City & Scotland International Goalkeeper

‘For me, ProDeflect is the best piece of goalkeeping kit. It gives you the most game realistic deflection scenarios in a training environment that you could ask for. It’s a challenge but at the same time it makes training enjoyable’ – Cody Cropper New England and USA National Team

‘Great for reaction training, a fantastic range of products that make training challenging and will improve you’ – Tom Heaton Burnley & England Goalkeeper

‘Adds a new dimension to training, infinite number of realistic deflections, brilliant training and very enjoyable’ – John Ruddy Norwich City & England Goalkeeper

‘I use the original ProDeflect product at Swansea City, nothing other to say than simply brilliant, a must for all goalkeepers and coaches’ – Tony Roberts Swansea City & Wales National Team Goalkeeper Coach